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Why prune your palm tree? It helps prevent damage to the overall tree due to breakage. In addition, it eliminates a tempting place for rodents and other pests to nest. It is important to get the right balance with how much one prunes a palm tree because they only grow one leaf at a time. Palm trees are associated with warm climates and beautiful sceneries. However, they do need attention and care.

A palm trimming service can help cut down the uncertainty of caring for your palms and can help you decide if palm removal is needed. Professionals will use industrial grade tools to ensure your palm trees are cared for and look their best. Palm trimming is also necessary when it blocks views from the sidewalk or driveway because it is a visual hazard. Palm pruning is needed especially when the tree is located near power lines since it is a fire hazard.

Our staff uses industrial grade level tools that are sharpened and sterilized prior to pruning. Regular pruning and care of your palm trees will help reduce the amount of work that needs to be done on a tree throughout its lifetime. Palm trees not regularly maintained may end up needing to be removed at a much greater cost.

The ideal time for palm pruning is in springtime. It is recommended to remove only yellow or brown colored leaves, not green ones. These dead and dying fronds can help protect the tree from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. If a leaf does not come off easily, then it should be left alone. Older green leaves, that are typically darker in color, should be left because these older leaves help feed newer ones. These are all things our staff with their grade tools can take care of with our services.

Our staff is trained in what the ideal shape should be for a healthy palm tree. It is not recommended to prune the palm into any unnatural shape. A palm is weakened when it is pruned their palm into a decorative shape, such as pineapple or thinning out the trunk. This can weaken the tree and put it at risk of falling.

Palms grow naturally in a shape meant to protect it from the wind. Older, larger palm fronds are meant to protect younger, small palm fronds. Fronds typically take three to five years to mature. Older fronds are usually found underneath younger fronds. Our palm tree experts can assess your tree and determine what, if any fronds need to be removed.

Our services including removing any parts of the palm tree that is pruned including any fruits and flowers. These items do take energy from the fronds and trunk. In addition, the falling fruit can attract unwanted pests. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a palm tree. A professional palm removal service using industrial grade tools is recommended to safely remove a tree with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.

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